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FOX News
Sep 13, 2010 8:11am EDT
. >> gretchen: i guess she's being up front about some of the problems she faced in the path. >> peter: all right. meanwhile, we were just talking about this. can a new lawsuit stop construction of that mosque near ground zero? one of the 9-11 responders mind the lawsuit will join us next. >> brian: then a reporter on the offensive taking on the players and the coaches of the new york jets. >> brian: controversy tons rise over ground zero. responders taking matters in his own hand by suing the dolor for $350 million. they're here right now. vincent and his attorney, you are a volunteer firefighter over in westchester and larry, we know you, you are following this suit. why, vincent? >> for me, again, as one who responded to ground zero as a first responder, that was a terrible attack on america and our way of life and i believe now with the feelings that are going on and all the talk about compassion and bridge building and such, there is very much of a lack of compassion and bridge building to put something on ground zero. so it's enough is enough. >> brian: this caught my attention last w
Sep 10, 2010 12:30am PDT
your place. and when you get back, we'll do some budweiser therapy. [beep] hi, sarah. it's peter. i thought i might catch you in. and, tom, if you're listening, buddy, i feel your pain. [beep] so where you been, man? you're on in 5. i walked over. i had to clear my head. so? what happened? i had the perfect relationship that was ruined by marriage. i mean, you saw it, right? we were perfect from the minute we met. right? yeah. in fact, it was nauseating. thank you, fred. blue 28! blue 28! watch the one! watch the one! set! hut! i'm open! i'm open! whoo! ohh! football! huh? uhh! oof! oh. sorry! are you ok? yeah. you had nothing on it. ♪ i feel my wings have broken... ♪ cheers... sarah mcnerney. cheers, tom leezak. so what do you do when you're not joe montana? i work at knr radio. your traffic information station. so i have myself a real live radio host, huh? no. someday i'll be that guy. sports, hopefully. right now, i just do spot traffic reports. on the graveyard shift. every other week. when the full-time guy's sick. [chuckles] you're that tom? yeah. you actually heard me on
FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 6:00am EDT
$50 billion spending plan? >> peter: ditch, ditch, ditch. he's making national headlines for making tough decisions. how governor chris christie is working to balance the budget. is it a lesson for other politicians in washington, d.c the governor is here live and we'll talk about the president's plan to spend nor $50 million. >> brian: steve will try to get some favors. fresh off the links in texas, i will share some of those behind the scenes stories because the president's photographer gave me some pictures. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. great to be with you. >> peter: great to have you. >> did you a great labor day? >> i did. and great vacation. one word because i did wall in during the special on thursday night. shep special. we circumnavigated hurricane earl. we sailed up to canada and maine. we missed it by about 500 miles on the way down. then we had to cross the water, 36-foot waves, waves higher than my house! >> oh, my gosh. >> was it like a perfect storm? >> peter: even though the waves were 36 feet, i had to make a t t
FOX News
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
our own country? peter johnson jr. saying we're not. >> there's a new commercial airing in washington, d.c. that blames mcdonald's for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. today, mcdonald's issued a statement saying that's it? ricas who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more. acidic foods can cause a softening of the enamel. once you lose enamel, it's gone for good. for those who want white teeth pronamel gentle whitening, helps protect against acid erosion but also helps bring back your teeth to their natural whiteness. but we've parted wa with our old airline credit card that promid flights for 25,000 miles. it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big mileupcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal. was i supposed to go without my wife? [ elevator bell dings ] [ grunting ] haha, that was awkward. so we upgraded to the venture card from capital one. we've had it with the games.
Sep 1, 2010 3:00pm PDT
pedestrian program manager the s.f. municipal agency. i'm your, mc for today. peter albert is our director of planning at the mta. [applause]>> good morning. with christina i welcome you to the 2008 pedestrian summit. i'm the deputy of director of planning at the mta and it's my honor and privilege to introduce two of the most important people in san francisco for this. wade is the mayor's point person on climate and environmental policy. wade, thank you for joining us. >> i'll be brief on behalf of mayor newsom i want to thank everyone for being here today. this is a seminal moment in our city and i want to thank the mta board. some members here today, commissioner bruce oka, commissioner knollen and others for prioritizing pedestrian safety. i think we're ready to take it to the next level in expanding and improving pedestrian environment in san francisco. as someone that walked to work down van ness most days i can attest to most recent improvements and on-going challenges where the need to have pedestrian countdown signals on high traffic intersections or issues of the quality of pavem
Sep 1, 2010 7:00am PDT
what might be done about it. and i was taken with peters point which was very important is testing on our existing systems and what that might be with their performance and with new circumstances and even if we only do, a pilot or demonstration area, we would at least begin to have a handle on what this means and trying to quantify the scale of the problem, because it's hugely important in engaging with the public that we're able to give them those answers and to give them that we need to collect those facts. >> i'm joel smith and i want to pick up on peters comments. i'm very impressed by this workshop on assessing the climate change and it begs the question, should all utilities or those officer time size be required to look at implications of climate changes over 30 or 50 - whatever the planning verizon is, the things peter is talking about. in britain and correct me if i'm wrong, their required to look at the long-term plan and suggest if their robust against a long term plan. i think it's making water managers look very seriously at this. i throw that out as a possibility. >> i'm
Sep 10, 2010 1:30am PDT
overview and create points on the mural project design. finally, peter alvarez, with staff of mta on transportation elements. we will also mention the successful mellon of solar management, a project sponsor that is also here to answer questions that you have. >> speakers, mr. yi? second speaker? [laughter] is anyone here? ok. >> i do not think that they anticipated you getting so far along. [laughter] >> would you like to move on to item number 14? >> we can do that. >> member's consent? >> authorizing the executive director to execute a contract #six to 6.02 -- 626.02. >> questions from the board? director hannity? >> who are we asking, you? >> you can ask me. i will work hard. >> $32 million to rebuild seven lrv's over six years. what does anyone cost? >> it depends on how many you are buying at the time. >> like a blue light discount? >> you got it. >> what about seven new ones at one time? >> over 5 million apiece. recently a contract was awarded in minneapolis for roughly 41 vehicles and some extra, coming out to just that, 4 million vehicles. it goes to your comparison, seven
Sep 2, 2010 10:30am PDT
of the rest of it. there are several people: mr. belafonte, peter yarrow, who emerge as just heroes in this book, and there are people that, i think, a lot of americans don't think about daily or regularly. they're familiar with their work in the past but don't recognize their contribution to the american fabric. peter yarrow-- peter, paul, and mary were there every step of the way from the earliest days of the civil rights movement, risking their lives, as david said, in times when, if you went down there, you really didn't know what bullet was going to go whizzing by your ear, but peter tells us stories that are in the book and in the documentary of organizing in the vietnam war period, which i don't think a lot of people do realize. they think of peter, paul, and mary and, you know, the earliest days of folk music. it was peter, particularly, who moved a lot of artists, including a lot of rock and roll artists, into organizing against the war. he organized concerts in new york city. he had concerts where jimi hendrix and janis joplin-- the only two benefits we were able to find t
FOX News
Sep 15, 2010 6:00am EDT
jumping ship when it comes to the bush tax cuts being exte extended. you have gary peters of illinois and earl pomeroy, also a democrat who said look, i'm for leaving the bush tax cuts in place, let's cut a deal. if nancy pelosi is the all powerful one and isn't very powerful, i don't think they'd be jumping. >> we heard from the young guns, yuj republicans who say they believe they have a bipartisan majority to pass all of the bush tax cuts, to get bipartisan majority in the house which is in control by the democrats, that means you have to have a lot of democrats who are with the republicans on this. >> you know, nancy pelosi said that she -- she said it on primary election day, a big one and essentially what she was doing was trying to calm jittery democrats. house members. because she should calm herself as well because if they lose a majority, she's out. steny hoyer is probably out. they'll probably clean house. she did say when it came to health care, you know, the democrats really were able to get their message out and really get a good job selling them at those town halls. remembe
FOX News
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
. jerry connolly of virginia. gary peters of ohio so the president today will tee off on john boehner and he's going to tee off on republicans. these guys and these women are in the line of fire as well. is anybody going to bring that up? it's a press conference at which time you're going to say are you going to also yell at democrats for not going along with you? >> what time is that press conference? >> 11:00. >> 10:00 central. that's what i live on 10:00 central time. >> tomorrow, we'll be live with you because it is the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the new york police department is planning for thousands of demonstrators to be down near the proposed ground zero mosque and, in fact, there's going to be another rally on the other side as well so there's going to be a lot going on in lower manhattan. >> 4,000 cops. >> and 4,000 protesters as well. imam behind it still threatening -- he was on the television yesterday and he sounded like if they don't build it there, there's going to be trouble. listen to this. >> my major concern with moving is that the headline in the muslim world wil
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
breaking details straight ahead. >> peter: it's a big primary day in seven states district of columbia as well. many of the races pitting the gop against members of the tea party. we're live on the campaign trail. laura ingraham weighs in in about three minutes, brian. >> brian: that's her. he wants a mosque near ground zero and claims he's a moderate. why is imam rauf a long-time supporter of a man who says 9-11, an inside job. bill o'reilly brings the no spin zone to the curvy couch and talks about his new book because this is "fox & friends" and it starts now. >> hi, everybody. deborah norville, good morning. you're watching "fox & friends." >> gretchen: thanks for the compliment. we have to bring awe fox news alert. moments ago, we learned sarah shourd, detained in iran, has been freed. she's been in prison for more than a year. earlier when reported, her family could not afford to pay $500,000 for her release. they asked iran to lower or drop the bail amount all together. right now we don't know if any money was exchanged between the two parties. she has been suffering from health
FOX News
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am EDT
and we're tracking this big, huge storm. brian and steve both off today. we have peter johnson jr. and mike is back. we haven't seen each other for so long. we see each other but not work together. >> it's been three or four years. we see each other in the building. >> sometime in the show, i'm going to share a secret about you. there's many but i'm going to share one. in the meantime, we have a fox news weather alert, right? that's why we're all here today bright and early because hurricane earl has made landfall drenching north carolina. downgraded though to a category 2 storm but still packing winds up to 105 miles per hour. we have live team coverage. we'll start with rick leventhal live in new york and jeff in nags head, north carolina but first start with janice dean in our extreme weather center. >> can i just say that most women around here have secrets about mike? >> no kidding! >> moving on, let's take a look. we have earl. we have fiona and we have what was gaston but that could actually regenerate. another way of coming off the coast of africa so we're into peak hurric
Sep 11, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to add insult to injury brings up how difficult it is to make that decion right now. >> peter morici is a professor at the university of maryland. peter, in the last week, the whithouse has been determined to make sure the people don't call this another stimulus. it's a lot of money, is it a stimulus pn or is it not? >> it's not much s of a stimulu plan, but basically it's am political move, and they're wanting to change the name on what they do. the infrastructure spending is $8 billion for a each north, not all at once. the r&d tax credit is merely an extension of somethi already in place, an the history of tax credits is not very good, and the math smis very much against small businesses. it's doubtful they'll be spending money, and they're the ones that need it most. the big guys are sitting on $2 trillion. this is a political move, not good economics. >> let's talk to mark preston, senior editor at cnn. i know there's been some debate tamong democrats just this pas ek about whether or not they want to support this $350 illion that the president has announced. i mean, look, democ
FOX News
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am EDT
. taxes, peter orzack, former budget director and many people in the senate, democrats in the senate and democrats in the house, they want to extend all of the bush tax cuts for two years. president obama as this morning in cleveland, he will dig in his heels and say no, we've got to tax the rich come january 1st. then you have health care reform. if that's not the crown jewel of the obama administration's first year in office, what is? and democrats are now running away from it. they're not standing for re-election on health care reform plan. total split in three key areas. >> and so i guess the operative word for a democrat is to claim yourself to be a moderate right now if you -- you know, let's face it, they're all trying to get re-elected and that's going to be the important term. could unemployment, do you believe, stuart, hit 10%? >> yes. >> will that happen before the midterms? >> well, there's only one more unemployment report that comes in the first week of october before the election in the first week of november. so you only have one more of these big government unemployment
Sep 13, 2010 7:00pm PDT
- examining under current peter patterns. at roosevelt, the feeder patterns seem to go at an opposite direction. in the other middle schools, it did reverse the trends. there were a lot of questions about fund-raising and the fact that different pta's have different capacities to raise money, and wanting the district to explore what the implications of that would be. in other words, even if the peter pattern would create more diversity and more robust enrollment, would it correct inequities in how pta's raise money? what would distribute to offset that? are there any strategies they could look at to make sure the additional funding that comes through parents did not further create any inequities? that was a big question that came up. there were also questions about capacity. i think if you look particularly at schools at -- schools the montessori would feed into, because there will not have a graduating class for a couple of years, it would create a different size for a few years. there were concerns about that, and also how many seats would be open for children and other situations.
FOX News
Sep 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
break down the plan just moments away. >> peter: meanwhile, former governor sarah palin finally kind of answering the question that everybody wants to know about president. >> if nobody else wanted to step up, i would offer myself up in the name of service to the public. >> peter: will she really run? we're going to report and you'll decide. >> brian: the president said during tough times don't blow your money in las vegas. it appears folks who work at the census bureau were not listening. michelle malkin was paying attention and will be here with her story because "fox & friends" starts right now. >> # >> brian: everyone knows the jets now because they're on hard knocks on hbo. not enough emphasis was put on the cheerleaders. at least one victory this year. we'll focus on that dance team like never before and give them the attention they deserve. >> gretchen: you were giving out assignments. i'm not surprised. >> peter: and those gals are pro. >> brian: yes. they are pro green and they are dancing in sync. >> gretchen: they got all the moves. >> brian: and great abs. >> peter:
Sep 9, 2010 2:00pm PDT
apologize about the confusion earlier. peter and i were sitting at our desk and we heard that you were calling our names, so we are here. we have a power point presentation today and i will briefly give you an overview of the park project generally, and then peter will speak briefly on the involvement of mta and significant transportation infrastructure projects, speaking at length about substantive components of the project, one of the largest projects approved located in the southwest corner of the city it would be incredible for san francisco in the sense that very few housing units have been added in decades, this would add more than 2.5 times the existing number of units in addition to having significant retail space, making it a truly self sustaining community. the project sponsor has voluntarily put forward a groundbreaking sustainability program, the project sponsor getting going in more detail, allowing sentences good to add thousands of units with no new energy consumption while subic and the improving water quality and recreational facilities in one quarter of the city that
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
congressman gary peters of ohio yesterday, a democrat, he's saying i'm pretty much with john boehner. i like the bush tax cuts and i want to keep them in place. if he wants to get angry, he should get angry at some of the people not standing by him in his own party. let's switch gears a little bit, can we? imam sat down and spoke. did he win you over? should we have an islamic center in downtown new york. >> all i'm going to do is tonight on the bill o'reilly factor, i want to know if he's bringing in the body language experts. i want the analysis the way he was looking at soledeid o'brien and the way he was looking at him in that interview. i thought that was amazing television, i have to say. way that he responded when he was asked about, well, why not, you know, consider moving it because obviously this is inflaming tensions. well, if this mosque is moved, explosive things are gonna happen and the way he said it, i just -- i found it to be chilling and i know general petraeus has warned of violence but that's general petraeus. this is not imam rauf. i think he took the wrong tack
Sep 15, 2010 6:30am PDT
be important to get going on, but for which the science may not be exact - or maybe peter will tell me it is exact. on planning, though i want to ask peter to talk about that a little bit. >> thank you. what i'd like to do is maybe offer five specific suggestions. maybe describing one case study that i think is informative but before i do the question from the guy that was looking for a difintive statement i want to offer the following. i mentioned this document yesterday, this is 1997, the american water works association on climate change water resources, it's four pages - not very long. the subtitle from ten years back is quote global warming is a fact and water resource managers need to plan accordingly. end quote. that seems pretty clear to me. i like that. i'd be happy to share this with anybody that wants to share that with their constituents. the five suggestions for planning. i originally wrote these and the first couple started know something - that's not the right way to start it so i'll change it. all new related water infrastructure will be designed and built in climate
Sep 1, 2010 2:00pm PDT
peter delineated, there are at least three variations that could work. that process is going to take a little bit longer, but we are hoping to get a drb review board meeting. i believe it is in september. so things are moving. we are trying to move as quickly as we can. we hope to be back to you in early fall with the public input we have heard. we will launch into schematics. with that, i think we can answer any questions or comments you may provide. back to you. president fong: i have a number of cards here. carl hansen? >> he left. [laughter] president fong: he loves it. ok. ben sherman. >> thank you, commissioners. i am a member of the green commercial advisory committee of san francisco. also, i am president of marine highways, elsie, a company developing ways to get companies off the roads and onto water highways. i am here to express strong support for the proposed new cruise terminal developed by the port of san francisco. since the finding of sentences go day in 1775, the vitality of the city has always been associated with the port. it is truly important. today, the si
FOX News
Sep 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
the election. are they afraid of their own agenda? >> peter: look at this video right there. what are they doing? it's not a cheech and chong revival. it's your tax dollars going up in smoke. united auto workers getting drunk and stoned during lunch before going back to build your cars. >> brian: she kissed a girl, then katy perry took her act to sesame street and got the boot. geraldo rivera tackles the tough issues and that's another example. he's a parent and he's fuming. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i'm mel tillis and you're watching -- and you're watching -- hell, it will be on before i can get it out. >> peter: we've got a busy final hour. so geraldo is here along with victoria secret beauties. >> gretchen: carly fiorina coming up after this. a woman executed in virginia for the first time in nearly 100 years. theresa lewis died by lethal injection. she was convicted in 2003 of plotting the murder of her husband and stepson for insurance money. her final words were for her stepdaughter. >> she said, i want kathy to know i love her and i'm very sorry. >> gretchen: pro
Sep 28, 2010 12:18pm EDT
a wonderful cast. >> peter coyote, an embarrassment of riches. >> everybody wants to be on your show. >> do you want to? >> i could be on in the plane today, no problem. tell us about your characters. >> i play a detective. my character grew up in new york and los angeles. he is the son of a cinematographer. he was on the inside of the entertainment industry from a birth, enamored of it, and then eventually disillusioned by it, so he joined the police force. he has a unique perspective and a great sense of humor. i have a lot of great zingers at the end of the act. i get to tease my more straight- laced partner. >> it sounds like a great show. anything in this series is usually top quality. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you can watch of the season premier uppof "law and order, ls angeles" tomorrow night right here on wbal at 10:00. kerrey from valley view farm's is here to answer your lawn and garden questions. what do you have here? >> this is a pansy. you can hang it over a pot. it will spread out. >> you are always coming up with new things. >> constantly. >> we have
Sep 1, 2010 8:00pm PDT
don't complete the triangle of enforcement and education. >> peter we have at least four people that want to make comments and i want to throw in a comment. and i have been here since pedestrian policy and one of things that i take away from today, and the sidewalk parking, i think that we need to obviously do a lot more in that area, and there are creative issues to pursue. at minimum and internal task force and that we talk about these issues and have a program that you help people and put programs in your home and you don't have to deal with that parking and help you navigate to get balers in front of your home. and i think there is more to do, and more resources and any idea we have here today, we have to find funding for. and that's something that advocates can help us, and we have outside sources and that limits what we can accomplish. and sometimes there are huge needs and gaps in funding and no where to be found, and streetlights is an area, and we as a city don't do a great job and no outside funding. and we are hearing you about sidewalk parks and we can do some things chea
Sep 20, 2010 4:00pm EDT
anything to address their concerns? peter and glenn hubbard, dean of columbus business school. glenn, a pleasure to see you. peter, hear anything you liked? >> not really. it was a wonderful infomercial. i liked the way everybody applauded just like on oprah. the reality is, numbers are not good. the reregulation of wall street, heck, we got more abuses than before coming our way, so no, i didn't like what i heard because this is a man in denial. >> do you agree, glenn? >> i agree when president obama takes an optimistic outlook over the future. but i have to agree with peter. nothing in what he said indicated any serious direction for policy that's likely to move us forward. >> if the three of us were to accept as many of us are that the lack of jobs and economic dysfunction is a result of our structure, this is not something you wade out. this is something you have to days and deal with. we have a broken structure. why, peter, do you think our government appears to unwilling to accept the need to deal with it and still have this, we'll just wait this one out attitude? >> the big finan
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 9:00am EDT
right now, bill: peter king and anthony weiner, health care workers, the bill hits the floor of the house today. have the two lawmakers, the two new yorkers resolved their differences? you will find out today. that answer, in "america's newsroom", forthcoming. bill: music city is getting its grooving back, the sweet swoupbdz of country music back at grand ole opry in tennessee. flush. >> ♪ >> ♪ they were picking, huh julia? look at that banjo. the national landmark opened its doors, celebrating with a special concert. after the devastating floods in may, they damaged instruments and memorabilia, the archives, the historic stage was left under 4 feet of water. now that's fixed and there are smiles again in nashville, tennessee, music city. juliet: jury selection is set to begin in the trial of the first gitmo detainee to be tried in a civilian court blocks from ground zero, ga gahmani, the attacks killed 244 people, including a dozen americans. eric shawn is live in the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. what's going to happen today? >> 41 -- when hundred junior *r jurors lis
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm PDT
you >> charlie: welcome to our program, from london, tonight, peter mandelson a key player in british politics and in the labor party talks about his new book, called "the third man." >> gordon needed to recognize that what the public were fearing, and that was a mounting crisis in our public finances, he needed to address that and explain to people what would be the solution to those problems just as he had been so good at explaining both the solutions to our banking crisis and the actions that we needed to take as a government to combat the recession, and he just did not get that right. >> charlie: we continue with a conversation with islamic scholar from oxford university, tariq ramadan. >> we should, muslims, come back to the fundamentals and be critical -- this critical engagement of muslims, the critical mind, this is something i have always been talking about it the last 25 years. we need muslims with deep faith and critical minds to be able to look at our own failures from within and to build and not to be the victims, not to play the victim mentality, not to be the ob
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,127 (some duplicates have been removed)